Comedian Njugush and his wife Wakavinye had a standup comedy show, Through Thick and Thin season 4,  in  Swindon, United Kingdom and the show was a total success.

The couple sold out their tickets and they took to their socials to express their gratitude.

“God orders steps. Thank you U.K Sold out. K.I.C.C 27th is that you? Through Thick & Thin 4,” Njugush said.

“God Ni Msoo !!!!!!! Jana was a movieThank you to all of you who wish us well.U.K you have set the pace for TTNT 4. Thank you for showing up aki, The love was REAL,” his wife wrote on the other hand.

Aside from the show, Njugush took the opportunity to propose to Wakavinye again. In a video shared by Wakavinye, Njugush took out a ring, removed his left shoe, went down on one knee to propose to his wife at the eye of London.

“From now hence forth, Nitakuwa nasema he proposed at the London eye,” Wakavinye shared on IG.

Fans however wondered if they should refer to the proposal an  engagement since they are already married as others suggested that they should repeat their wedding. The two got married in December 2016 in a colourful white wedding.

“Sasa mrudie harusi Australia,” an Instagram user commented on Wakavinye’s post as Abel Mutua said, “Sasa hii tutaiita aje? Post Marriage engagement ama🤔 whatever it is, it is beautiful… congratulation.”




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