Samidoh’s baby mama Edday Nderitu’s comment section was treated to some hot debate about the out look of her children.

The roar begun after Edday posted a picture of her daughter wondering how she has grown very first.

”Where did time go? They grow so quick” she captioned the adorable pic of her daughter.

A fan however did not hide how they feel about the beauty of  Samidoh’s baby mamas and went ahead to comapre them.

breile _chloe Watoto wako warembo kuliko wa nani….❤️❤️

This was however met with mixed reactions with some throwing shade at her character.

@lucy81790 ukweli usemwe

@brielle_cloe pray that nobody will ever compare your kids na mtoto wa mtu mwingine, all kids are beautiful
@brielle_cloe wacha kusema ukweli , pseudos watakasirika
@brielle_cloe wale wanechapa na walikataa kufanana “””baba”” wanakaa ni WA kalonzo ,mbegu ya uzee
@brielle_cloe post your we compare with eddy’s… Mnaigiza watoi kwa vitu za ufala
@alice_n_sim Acha kucatch😂
@brielle_cloe all kids are beautiful.white,black, chocolate,God loves all children
@brielle_cloe sad a woman comparing kids innocents kids that were brought to earth with two grown ups.
Neither of the baby mama’s have said something about these allegations but from the look of things Karen Nyamu and Samidoh must have had a good night yesterday to an extend which Karen Nyamu scribled the artosts name on her cheek.

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  • Fishbone


    Really have people’s lives become so shallow that they discuss the beauty of people’s kids.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    There sooo Ugly.

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