Socialite Amber Ray has made it clear that she will not struggle financially after breaking up with her soon-to-be baby daddy Kennedy Rapudo.

According to her, she only dumped Rapudo and not his money and therefore she will still enjoy the soft life she is used to.

“Wale wa oh “umeachwa sasa utateseka” 😅 niliwacha baba sio pesa zake🤣 baby girl treatment lazima iendelee…. mimba will always remain ya Tajiri🥳 anyway Wacha tuendelee kuglow Hapa,” Amber captioned a video where she was being massaged at a posh salon.

Her statement comes barely a day after she was spotted spending quality time with her ex husband Jimal Marlow thus further fuelling their reunion rumours. The two attended a sports tournament in Eastleigh, leaving fans to sympathise with Jimal’s current girlfriend Wangari Thiong’o.


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Amber expressed her excited to be part of the tournament that was founded by the matatu owners boss.

“So happy to be part of this beautiful experience, today brought so many beautiful childhood memories … Thank you Jimal Rohosafi for inviting me, next I’m doing Amber Ray foundation lazima I support my Galdem pia,” she said.


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