Controversial politician Mike Mbuvi Sonko is willing and ready to spend the rest of his life in Kamiti Maximum prison for the sake of Kenyans affected by banditry.

The former Nairobi governor revealed that while sharing a video of bandits during one of their gatherings. In the about one and a half minute long video, the armed bandits chanted in a yet to be identified local dialect.

Sonko said that he was willing to have them eliminated completely so that their frequents attacks on innocent Kenyans can be brought to an  end.

According to the politician, he only needs to be given a bomb or grenade, and taught how to used the so that he can deal with bandits and then proceed to serve his jail sentence.

At the same time he targeted the former interior CS whose has been in the police radar for the recent past.

“Hawa Bandits wanajifanya wamepandwa mori na pepo sinipewe bomb ama grenade na nifundishwe niwamalize wote ndio turescue the rest of Kenyans who are affected na banditry alafu mimi niende kamiti kuspend the rest of my life uko nikingonja matingting awe ananifulia nguo na hata akienda mbele yangu for hata even a day or two bado niko na jeshi imefungwa life uko nikuwapea order tu hiyo mafuta yake ipunguzwe kidogo,” Sonko said, which can be loosely translated to;

These bandits pretend to be angry and possessed. Hand me a bomb or grenade and teach me how to use them so that I can finish all of them so that we rescue Kenyans who are affected by banditry and then I go and spend the rest of my life in Kamiti waiting for Matingting to be washing my clothes. Even if he goes there before meI still have my men locked there for life. I will just give them order to ensure that he cuts weight

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