It seems the war of words between Andrew Kibe and flamboyant politician Mike Sonko is not ending any time soon.

Trouble began when Kibe attacked Sonko, accusing him of promoting luxurious Western products. Due to that, the controversial content creator said that Sonko will leave no legacy once he dies. He also questioned how the former Nairobi governor makes his money.

Hitting back at Kibe, Sonko insulted him and accused him of practising homosexuality in US in exchange for mone, adding that that is how he was able to buy his Mercedes months ago.


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It however did not end there. Sonko shared another video attacking Kibe further. He is now accusing the former radio host of sexually assaulting his blood sister.

According to the politician, Kibe fled to US because of the crime. He urged Kibe’s sister who was assaulted to get to reach out to him so that he can help her get justice.

“Andrew Kibe, my friend kumbe the reason why you are hiding in US you raped your own sister. I am calling upon the family if you are still pursuing this case the raped sister should look  for me with immediate effect. I will deal with that, I will bring him here, tumpeleke Kamiti hata yeye arepiwe. Tumechakua mtandao nikaona there’s a story ya three months, sio fabrication tunakutolea, hapana, your own sister, the story was posted on YouTube,. Kama ni ukweli, one Andrew Kibe, your blood sister, umemrape, umemkula nitahakikisha unakuja hapa Kenya unaenda Kamiti unakulwa. Wacha vile unakulwa sahi, huko Kamiti huko Kamiti nitahakikisha unakulwa it’s very wrong, how do you rape your own sister, aje?” Sonko said.



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