Men online are thirsting over the curvaceous lady who enganged a city council askari in a dramatic drive around town.

Gloria Ntazola the lady in question found herself in a heated argument with the askari who forcefully enetered her car while she was parking in town.

According to her, the man demanded for a bribe stating that she had parked in a wrong place. Ntazola went ahead to explain that she parks her car around that same area everyday.

As the conflict intensed,she recorded the whole conversation. However, what caught the eyes of netizens was what ensured after.

Ntazola who doubles up as a tiktok content creator and a business woman decided to speed off with the askari in her car

She promised to give him a road trip around Nairobi so that both of them could waste the whole day together.

As usual, after the video went viral, netizens started hunting down  for the woman behind the cameras since Ntazola did not film her face during the confrontation.

To the kenyan men online it was pleasant surprise when they discovered the face behind the hilarious video. A beautiful  confident short volopotous  woman it was.

The former city boss Mike Sonko was among the men who reacted to the beautiful lass. Taking to his largely followed X account, Sonko shared a video of the now famous Ntazola dancing suggestively on tiktok.

He hilarious stated that the county council police would look for the lady and try to arrest her again so that he can enjoy another roadtrip.

”WEEUH!! kumbe this is the chick that kanjo guy for a roadtrip jana?Mimi najua huyo jamaa atajaribu kushika huyu mrembo tena ndio apelekwe roadtrip nyingine” the politician stated.


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