Comedian Oliver Otieno better known by his stage name YY Comedian has this afternoon give free advice to men on how they need to conduct themselves in their relationships.

YY who seems to subscribe to the idea of reciprocation of love cautioned Kenyan men against falling in love was speaking to fellow comedian Dr Ofweneke who wanted to know YY’s perception about the quality of a man in relationships.

”What is that quality that a man should have? O fweneke posed the question during an interview on Radio 47.

” A man should not fall in love a man should love ”YY responded defending his thinking in relation to the literal interpretation of of  falling down.

” We don’t fall intentionally we fall by accident therefore we shouldn’t do thigs that are detrimental” YY argued.

Do you agree with him?

He went to further  warn men against being emotional in relationships noting that emotions keep changing and  as a being emotional will be  a crumble.

”A ,an in any relationship you need to be in charge, you cannot be in charge if emotions are driving the relationship if you are  emotional, to be consistent for any relationship you be in charge”

YY is in a relationship with Marya Okoth and the two have a daughter together.

Marya became the talk on the internet after a fateful condition that made her feet get paralyzed making her immobile for 5 months.




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