Genge artist Mejja has reacted to the viral video of rapper Colonel Mustafa working at a construction site.

In an interview with YouTuber 2mbili, Mejja said that there is no problem with Mustafa doing the job which he said was decent.

“I am also hoping that is not what he is going through. About Mustafa, of course everybody is praying that is not what is happening. Even if that is the case, I have  no problem with Mustafa working as a construction worker. Why are people making construction work look so bad. It is a job,” the Punguza Ego hitmaker said.

He added that the person who recorded Mustafa in that state was wrong. According to him, Mustafa was just working hard and did not want to rely to anyone only for him to be recorded.

“My problem is not on Mustafa, it is on the one who recorded the video. Why would you record a video when someone is going through something is his life. It is not right because this guy, first of all he has not begged you for anything, he is hustling, a man understands his fellow man. There are times you are up and there are time you are down. This is a person working hard to get flour and you are recording him when he is in a low state,” Mejja said.

“What is annoying me is people discussing what they saw in the video and not the person who recorded it. That is is stupidity. Everyone is going through something in his life and this guy is doing what he can to help his mother and save to return to his normal life,” the artist added.

Mejja further said that he wishes Mustafa all the best. Mustafa himself admitted that he had worked as a mjengo worker for long and did not want the information to leak to the public. His mother is battling cancer



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