Genge Kingpin Mejja has revealed fears of a sudden end in his musical career noting that he is battling a serious throat disease.

Mejja revealed this following a question posed to him during the Mambo Mseto show hosted by Willy M Tuva.

” I have been having issues with my throat, When I was in Australia I had a flu and couldn’t get access to medicine and I was performing almost everyday. When I came back the pain was on and off even after taking over the counter drugs.” Mejja attributed this to the reason why he hasn’t released any banger yet.

Mejja stated that taking sugary foods, high acidity and lack of taking enough water among the key causes to his condition noting that his recent performance in Nanyuki drew back his recovery process.

” I have to follow doctors instructions and avoid everything on the list including lemons, pineapples, smoke and the rest. My voice is my career.”he stated.

The all time artist also asked Kenyans to pray for him and at the same time advised tem how to live healthy.

 ”My fans please pray for me, sitaki kuacha muziki, also remember to drink lots of water and avoid sugary things to avoid finding yourself this situation.”

Mejja is known for big hits like Tabia za wakenya, Kanairo dating, among others since times of the late legendary E sir


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