On Monday, singer Harmonize revealed that he was no longer single and that he had committed himself to a relationship.

In a series of posts on his Insta stories, Harmonize said that he was deeply in love with a Rwandan woman identified as Phiona or Yolo_the_queen on Instagram.

According to him, they had been communicating for four years.

“Been talking to Phiona over four years now. I have been around, she has been around. We always start conversations again. I feel it’s time to show you how real I am. love you deep down @yolo_the_queen,” he said.

Harmonize further teased fans with Phiona’s photo but she was covered face scrub. After tagging her Instagram account, social media sleuths have however been able to identify Phiona.

From her Instagram photos, the woman is curvaceous and with good looks. Nothing much is known about her but Harmonize will surely not regret to get a tattoo of her face. He noted that that will be his final tattoo.

The singer recently covered the tattoo of his ex and her daughter with Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Below are  photos Phiona.




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