Former Teen Republik host, Azizah Hashim aka Azeezah,has is the newest talk of town as many suppose she is set to take over  as the host of Kenya’s premiere entertainment show 10 over 10. alongside Guddah Man.

Azizah Hashim hosted her last episode of Teen Republik on NTV on Saturday 12 and bid farewell to her fans and viewers. She mentioned that she was only taking her time away from TV.

“The journey is going up from here…but a small break from TV. I would like to say that I appreciate the support that I got, I have grown a lot by being at Nation Media Group,” Azeezah said.

Azeezah has always been touted as a future star and house hold name in the media industry, but her initial ambition at her then tender age was to be a doctor while she was young. Something which could have been possible since she  achieved a grade A plain in her KCSE exams.

Azeezah enrolled at the university of Nairobi to pursue a medical degree but later changed her major to journalism and media studies.

However the new resort was somehow unsuccessful to study through government sponsorship so she opted for self sponsorship .

Azeezah has often told her fans she struggles with social anxiety and that she decided to bury herself in books in the hope of pursuing a medical or aviation career.

“At this point I just stay at home when i’m not at work.” She said in a past interview.

Azeezah began her career at campus radio, an online radio station where she hosted a 1 hour political show. After a month she accepted a job as a content curator at what’s Up studios an online TV station in Lavington. She later joined MStar another online radio station shortly before it closed down.

She at one point was given an ultimatum by her father that if she could not find a well paying job she would have to change courses.

The gorgeous digital journalist  landed a job at Ebru TV as a host for popular youth show ‘chit chat’ , she later joined the Ebru TV news team after only two shows as her superiors thought she had a great voice for news and political shows due to her unique deep voice. She worked as a news reporter for both the Swahili and English news segments.

She left Ebru after successfully landing a job on NRG radio as host for the NRGetic show  just for a couple of months before she took on the job of TV host at Nation Media Group.

The host quitting Nation Media Services was never an alarm till now. A reliable source confirmed that Azeezah would never quit her job without a plan B. This only, means that Azeezah already had a deal with Royal Media Services before quitting.

If so she is now meant to replace Willis Raburu after the latter acquired a plump county job as Head of communication for Nairobi governor Johnstone Sakaja.

Comedian and social media influencer Oga Obinna was the first to show up and rumours had it that he would finally replace Willis Raburu but he wasn’t the only one to show up as popular actor and tv host Martin kimanthi known as a former host of teen republik on NTV and also Tuzidi na hustle also on NTV had also hosted the show this past week as he hoped to land the role permanently.

Azeezah promised her fans that she will however come back bigger and better. The TV presenter left Nation Media group after two years of hosting Teen Republik and working for the management. She joined Nation Media group in November 2021 alongside Joseph Maina as her Co host of the critically acclaimed youth show Teen Republik.





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