Comedian and Radio host MCA tricky is yet on the roads with marriage related stunts this time shooting at President William Ruto’s daughter.

While entertaining people with his hilarious jokes during the Churchill Show Live, he teased at the crowd asking for directions on where he could find Charlene Ruto.

“Mkinionea yule msichana anaitwa Charlene Ruto mniambie. Nikipata Charlene Ruto leo, namuoa jana. Imagine nikimuoa, atakuwa hapa kama First Lady na mimi niko hapo kama first of all.” He joked.

MCA Tricky further narrated how his supposed conversation with the commander-in-chief would go when handing his daughter’s hand in marriage.

He said these noting that his life would definitely change once he gets tied with Charlene Ruto.

”Yaani Charlene ni bibi yangu, nikiingia State House kila kitu ni mzuri,” he said.He further said that should he marry someone like the first daughter, he would stop doing some of the silly things he does and only focus on their marriage.

Who will help MCA Tricky??

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