Content creator Pritty Vishy has reacted after a fan tattooed  Mungai Eve’s face on his chest.

Vishy commented on the story that was shared by Nairobi gossip wondering why no one was tattoing her face on their body.

“Kwani mnichori? Ama kichwa yangu aitatoshea kwa kifua zenyu,” she said.

On the other hand, Mungai doubted if the face on the fan’s chest was hers.

“Huyo ni mimi kweli?” she posed but later said that she appreciates the love.


Several netizens also expressed their doubts and advised the fan to look for a good tattoo artist.

Here are some of their reactions;

Eddy Mswazi: Hio ingine utachora karibu na roho utafute tattoo artist. Hio tuassume ni rough copy

DJ Shiti Comedian: Ukichora dem yako akuache unamgeuzia  ati by the way  hata si wewe nilichora. Nilichora #EveMungai juu huyo si Eve Mungai surely.

Kikuyu OG: The tattoo artist should be arrested immediately. Huyo ni Pritty Vishy amechora si Eve Mungai.

Marylin: God heal Kenya, too many mentally unstable people doing some crazy

The yet to be identified fan however said that he will not regret having Mungai’s face on his chest.



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