Former Kiss FM Breakfast host Kamene Goro has denied claims that she is expecting her first child with her fiance DJ Bonez 254.

In a video she shared on her Insta story, the former radio girl said that she could not be pregnant and still engage in partying and drinking  alcohol.

According to her, she is just probably adding weight because she is currently living her best life. She also noted that she doesn’t subscribe top the idea of getting pregnant and raising children out of wedlock.

“I think it has gotten to the point where I am down right irritated by  how people are thinking  can we get this right. I am not pregnant. Maybe I have just added a little bit of weight living my best life. Would I be really out there in the clubs partying and drinking if I was pregnant? One thing about me I am not about to be pregnant and have kids out of wedlock so can we just be done with that narrative, I am really just tired ,” Kamene said.

Some of her followers suspected that she was pregnant after she recently shared a video of herself and her boyfriend while announcing their Easter event in Mombasa. Others claimed that she was hiding her pregnancy and went ahead to congratulate her. Here are how they reacted.

Anne Nduru; Kamene wacha kuficha mtoto  wewe, mimba  ni kama mapenzi haifichiki sana sababau itachomoka tu.

Bosset Mercy: Kamene is preggers, congratulations.


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