Maureen Waititu has been making headlines recently because of her successful co-parenting journey with her former partner, fitness coach Frankie Just Gym It.

In a candid interview with Dr. Kingori, Maureen delved into the intricacies of their co-parenting arrangement and the key boundaries they have established to ensure their children’s happiness remains at the forefront.

With a heartfelt focus on her children’s well-being, Maureen opened up about her life choices and the challenges she has navigated.

Maureen is a mother to two boys, aged five and seven. Reflecting on her path, she expressed, “The love I have for my sons is immeasurable. When I had my first child during my school days, I often ponder if my decisions would have been different had I possessed the wisdom I have now. The cost of living, co-parenting dynamics, and finding a compatible partner – it’s a demanding journey, but here we are.”

Dr. Kingori did not shy away from asking the tough questions, addressing the topic of “retirement benefits” for men connected to single mothers. He explored whether new relationships are affected by the presence of a child’s father and the potential discomfort it may cause.

Maureen responded with a playful laugh, revealing that she has encountered such situations, but emphasized that she and her partner prioritize, respect and clear boundaries.

Her perspective on setting boundaries within co-parenting and new relationships is a vital aspect of her successful arrangement.

“Boundaries are essential. I’ve experienced situations where a lack of boundaries caused unnecessary complications. It’s crucial to establish that our connection revolves around our children, and other matters are secondary,” she shared.

When the conversation veered toward the topic of allowing the father of her children into her home, Maureen’s stance was firm.

She explained, “I believe in setting limits. Allowing him to enter my home could blur the lines, leading to potential misunderstandings. I advocate for a respectful drop-off outside the door or gate – this ensures a smooth handover without unnecessary complications.”


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