Rigathi Gachagua, who is the current Deputy President gave children in his rural home Mathira, a weekend to remember.

The young ones had the chance to lounge with the father of two in his posh living room, take pictures, and engage in a story-telling session.

The self-proclaimed truthful man took to his X account where he stated that he had gladly invited the neighbor’s children to his house. He revealed that he had a great time with them singing and narrating folk stories.

”It was fulfilling I gladly invited them to the house; we had a great time telling each other stories. It was so much fun as they fell over themselves to narrate to me their best folk stories. I had to also narrate the folk stories that I could remember as rendered by my grandmother – more than 50 years ago! ” read part of his caption

According to the former Mathira Member of Parliament, the children also promised to nurture and take care of the environment by planting trees. They then shared a light meal before leaving for their homes to allow the leader some time with his age group.

”Eventually, we shared a light meal before they left for their homes, to allow me time for a tete-a-tete with my age mates. But not before the smart chaps promised to nurture and take care of the environment by planting trees. ” he wrote.

Netizens descended on the comment section giving their opinions on the politician’s honorable deed.

”Confuse them by giving them lots of much na nyama”

”The innocence in little children is priceless”

”Just an observation….Hawa watoto ata hawakai kama wa shags…mathira should be wealthy area” the fans commented.

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