The newly sworn-in Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome has made it clear that he is not related to Chief Justice Martha Koome.

Rubbishing the ongoing claims, that were directed to the Kenya Kwanza government for choosing an Inspector General who is related to the Chief Justice, the Ig stated that it was only a coincidence that they have similar surnames.

“Once in a while, I look at the social media and I know last night there was a talk, a discourse on the socials that Koome would swear in Koome. A lot of issues but interesting discussions that CJ is about wife and husband, brother and a sister… that is not the case,”

“I have no blood relationship with the CJ. It is only that she is married to one Koome Kiragu and I am Koome Nchebere, I thought I should make that clear to our fellow Kenyans,” he said.

Welcoming the clarity, Chief Justice Martha Koome stated that Koome is a popular name among the Meru community.

“Thank you for clarifying that you are not my blood relative… you should also have said that the name Koome is like Wafula, Anyango, Kamau, and Mohammed… in other places. It is a name that is loved by many people. It means one who is very clever… so I hope the social media corrects that,” the CJ said.

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