A 28 year old old married woman has been charged with  the killing of her lover  who died mysteriously in his house during sex.

The woman identified as Winfred Mueni was charged with manslaughter of her 30-year old boyfriend Titus Njoroge Kimani in Baba Dogo estate in Ruaraka, Nairobi on September 22.

The suspect  who is a hairdresser in Nairobi has been married for two years but was seeing the deceased on the side.

State prosecution officers are charging the 28 year old with the killing on the basis that Kimani was ”last seen” alive with her.

Speaking to the police, Mueni explained how a night of merry making was followed by a disastrous occurrence in the morning.

According to her,  she had earlier gone to their local bar to check whether her husband was around,. Upon reaching, she found him drinking in the company of other men who were  planning for a burial.

The husband later finished his meeting at 1Am  and left her with friends having drinks at the club where she was later joined by Kimani her boyfriend and they drunk the night away,

Mueni reached home later that day at 3.00 Am and found her husband deep asleep. Early in the morning, the man left for the burial and she got the chance to sneak to her boyfriends place at 7Am.

In her defense, the suspect said that they got intimate and during intercourse Kimani got weak and started having difficulties in breathing before collapsing on her and hitting his head on the bed frame in the process.

She has said that she called for help from his colleagues who rushed to find him collapsed and naked on the bed.

They rushed him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. The colleagues and relatives  then escorted Mueni to Ruaraka police where the matter was reported and she was placed in custody.

The prosecution has listed a used condom recovered at their bedside and the post mortem of the deceased as the major evidence against her with her husband set to testify against her

Mueni denied the charges at Makadara Law Courts and she was released on a bond of Ksh 500,000 with a surety of a like sum. The case will be mentioned on February 22 before the hearing starts on May 30, 2024.

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