A 20-year old man has expressed his love for Obinna and his family by tattoing their name on his chest.

The man identified as Zaga Kenya said that he is so obsessed with the family that he watches them on a daily basis.

“I have been obsessed by your family, family times you do have, fun, kind of family and open-ness you do have na akina Ada, Lyron. I find myself watching kwa TV it’s the Obinnaz nothing else nawatch. It’s been too much for me till I had to have a tattoo of your family just for the love,” the man confessed.

Obinna was so shocked with the man’s move saying he wasn’t ready for that. He  however said that he started the Obinnaz YouTube channel to help parents and children understand each other.

“I started @theobinnaz YouTube channel to help other parents realize you don’t have to be a perfect human to be a good parent and also help kids understand parents have their ups and downs but they try their best mostly.
🥺The episodes aren’t scripted and when we watch We Learn,We laugh,we cry & We grow pamoja as we make more parents embrace parenting,” the comedian said.

According to him, his children pushed him to create the social media pages.

“We Didn’t know they would have so much following and genuine Love from strangers. I meet people nowadays all they do ni kunituma na salamu..salimia the obinnaz blah blah..Other parents are naming their kids after my kids, learning a thing or two about parenting from me (another amateur parent) and now mpaka tattoo zinawekwa.,” Obinna wrote.


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