Renown Content Creator and social media Influencer Kabi Wa Jesus recently made a come-back in the music industry.

Over a decade ago, Kabi dropped his first single song that was directed to haters. He then dropped the viral Bonoko, among other songs but he has not been so active in the music industry.

Mid this week, Kabi however released a new song titled Aki Love.

The song is a dedication to his wife Milly Wa Jesus and at the beginning of the song, Kabi tells her that he had found a new way of expressing love.

“There are so many ways in which we can express love, and I have found a new way to express to you that I love you. I know this is so different. This is something for our audience that will be a surprise. I hope you will love it. You will love the genre,” the father of three promised his wife.

He proceeds to praise his wife looks and her good character in the rap song. He further says that they began as friends before their love bloomed.

After listening to the song, Milly expressed her opinion saying, “Oh  My God I love it, thank you.”

The song also attracted different reaction from fans, with some thinking it was off, while others urged Kabi to stick to content creation saying that is what suits him best.

“Your song Aki Love is the worst thing that has ever happened bana , just stick to this,” one of the netizens said.

Kabi however clapped back at him, while showing that he had achieved something by him viewing it

“Wewe ni Malenge sana, did you know by watching you added a view,” he fired back.


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