Media personality Anita Nderu has taken to social media to share her frustrations on the outrageous electricity bill that her family has been forced to pay in a year.

According to her, in a year she has spent Kshs383, 847 on electricity, meaning she has to spent approximately Kshs.30,000 each month on the same yet her bill previously ranged from 8,000-9,000 in a month

“This is our electricity bill this year. When I checked the bill this month I was shocked. Please note nothing has changed in our consumption all year,” the mother of one said.

She added that bill tends to increase more whenever they are not at home.

“In fact in the months we aren’t home the bill is even higher than the months we are. KPLC Customer care please make this make sense,” the frustrated consumer demanded.


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Nderu says that when she made an enquiry on the matter, she was told that the power consumption was higher because of the fridge, inflation and the dollar

“This is…. and basically our car that has a separate meter that we charge daily costs us barely nothing all whole year. Please make it make sense,” she said.

Nderu is among the many Kenyans who have been affected by the inflated electricity bill.

In August this year,  Auditor Geeneral Nancy Gathungu exposed KPLC for inflating the bills thus making consumers pay higher bills for power that they didn’t consume.

While appearing before the National Assembly,  Gathungu said that a forensic review of the generation, transmission and distribution established that bills don’t match consumption.

“Almost 20 percent of the bill to consumers cannot be matched to actual consumption neither can the distribution company attribute it to a specific consumer,” Gathungu.

KPLC however denied the claims saying, “In the current financial year, the regulator has allowed system losses up to a maximum of 18.5%. Kenya Power meets the cost of system losses incurred above what is allowed.”


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