Tanzanian singer and actress Vanessa Mdee has responded to a critic who questioned her career choices and role as a wife and mother.

The critic claimed that she abandoned her career to serve as Rotimi’s hype man yet she is not married to him officially.

“Girl the fact that you quit your career to be this dude’s hype man and he won’t  even marry you is heartbreaking for real I hope you find your way back to what you love. You completely gave yourself to him,” the netizen claimed.

Asserting her independence and dedication to her family, Vanessa  emphasized that life extends far beyond the realm of social media.

“I will gladly support my husband and gladly raise our children and gladly stand for what I love. My sister, life is not social media,” she fired back.

Additionally, Vanessa Mdee hinted at her enduring success in the entertainment industry with the statement, “p.s: the royalty checks still coming in.” This not only highlights her continued relevance but also reinforces her ability to balance her personal and professional life.

The response from Vanessa Mdee garnered considerable support from her fans and followers on social media, who praised her for her dedication to both her family and her career. Many appreciated her candid and assertive stance on living life beyond the confines of social media judgments.

The critic however replied to her saying that Rotimi was cheating on her and doesn’t deserve her dumping her career for him.

Vanessa Mdee’s response to the critic however exemplifies her resilience and determination to lead a fulfilling life on her own terms, demonstrating that she is unapologetically embracing her multifaceted roles as a wife, mother, and successful artist. Her words serve as an inspiration to many who seek to find their own balance between personal life and professional pursuits.



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