Mike Sonko’s daughter, Saumu Mbuvi  has shed light on her life as a daughter to one of the most controversial politicians.

Speaking during an interview, Saumu was questioned on what its really like being the former city boss’s daughter.

She stated that the whole thing was a blessing and a curse all wrapped up in one since there were perks and disadvantages to it.

The mother of two revealed that her father’s political history has afforded her specific benefits, like more straightforward connections with influential figures and the capacity to rally support when advocating for different initiatives..

“Being the daughter of a political figure has its perks. It has made it easier for me to reach out to various people whenever I want to push something.”

Exploring the cursed side to it, Saumu underscored that her father’s political involvement results to  insincere connections and the presence of opportunistic individuals in her life.

“One of the many privileges is having a good role model to look up to, and also I get to enjoy certain privileges, getting access to better things. But it also attracts a lot of fake friendships and people who want to use me for their own agendas.” Saumu revealed.

Saumu Mbuvi  is actively advocating for her ‘Pamoja We Can’ foundation, which is dedicated to promoting awareness on mental health a course that she takes to heart seeing that she is a survivor of Bipolar disorder.

“I am a survivor of bipolar disorder, and I have personally lived with this condition for more than seven years now and as I continued to share my own experiences, I realized that countless people, especially in our generation, were silently suffering and afraid to speak out.” the ”Pamoja we can” founder stated

She explained that her mission was to support and guide young individuals, preventing them from resorting to substance abuse as a coping mechanism for stress.







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