Internet users have called out pastor size 8 over what they term as indecency in relation to her career and her recent statements.

The Friday Revival Church’ service pastor ,wowed her fans after a video she was captured in by her husband Dj Mo exposed her inners.

Since her consecration as Bishop sometime last year and later forming her own Friday Revival church, Size 8 has been upholding physical decency on grounds that she is pastor and her body is the temple of God .

Size 8 and her husband Dj Mo who are currently on a vacation at one of Kenya’s best beaches Diani is now facing criticism over the exposure which from the look of things was not intentional.

In the video the couple reveal that they are excited to be staying away from their kids before things fell out of place when Dj Mo  is heard telling pastor size 8 that she looks beautiful.

She  then lifts her kimono shouting out the respectful vendors then the wind happened ,her inner thighs were all exposed.


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The other day ,Size 8 broke peoples ribs after stating that she was going to swim fully covered in her  clothes because she is a pastor and decency is key.

Dj Mo was however, not pleased with the idea of his wife declining to wear a swim suit despite him requesting her to do so.

”hii ni story gani mazee” he asked .

This is what fans had to say about the decency idea.

”Kwa nini una expose mguu mtumishi vaa viatu closed na socks please utakwaza”

😂😂😂😂aiiii pasi kuokoka sio kuboekaaa😂😂😂😂vaaaa bikini jinice😂

Hii dunia hukiishi kuangalia what will people say.. you will never be you, you will keep living in fear in the name of what will people say, just do you after role people will still have something to say.


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Is it the wind or Size 8?


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