Politics took the center stage during the 2023 Labor Day celebrations when Manyatta MP Gitonga Mukunji asked the former President Uhuru Kenyatta to exit the political arena and allow the current President William Ruto to lead the country.

The law maker said Kenyatta should follow the footsteps of his predecessors who peacefully handed power to the next administration and stopped involving themselves with the country’s politics.

“Your father left the country to Moi, Moi left it to Kibaki and then Kibaki left it to you. I urge you to leave the country to Ruto respectfully and peacefully” Gitonga said.

Kenya Kwanza government has been accusing the former head of state of funding  Azimio demonstrations. It is alleged that the former commander in chief met  Azimio la Umoja  leader Raila Odinga at a hotel in Kisumu to raise funds for May 2 demonstrations.

Through his Facebook page, digital strategist Dennis Itumbi said their intelligence showed the  opposition was aiming at raising 184 Million to fund the Tuesday’s demonstrations.

” They are planning and Fundraising Maandamano part two, ksh 184M raised for Tuesday Demos in 12 towns. With Nairobi taking 70% of the Focus and Financing ” read part of Itumbi’s post.

Uhuru is yet to make any official response to the allegations being levelled against him.




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