Bena wa malines, a Kenyan content creator has defended himself on his social media accounts after claims that he has failed as a  family man emerged.

His wife, identified as Lydia Waithera shared on an interview with Gossip Kenya that Bena has neglected her and their 2 children, one being three months old.

In the interview she claimed that Bena was a responsible, present and involved Dad before he got into stardom.

“Fame ilikam ikamchange.” she lamented.

She further said that he does not prioritize them as much nowadays.

The entertainer has however refuted the claims warning netizens not to believe everything they are fed by the media.

“The internet is full of information, some facts, some false, some are real, some are scripted. Some of us are here to create and entertain, and some are here to chase clout and defame. Do not believe everything the media feeds you,” the content creator stated.

He also said that people will always want do their best to bring others down despite all the hard work they have put in place to get where they are.

“Some people will find all means to bring you down, some people accuse you falsely, some will fail to appreciate you,” he remarked.

He connotes his baby mama’s address as a means to paint him into negatively and assured his fans that everything was fine and that there was nothing to worry about.

“Landa ni sapii nguys!”He light heartedly declared.

Bena wa malines rose into popularity in the year 2022 when one of his funniest videos went viral. He said that it was his first video on his official Tiktok account.

His videos are inspired by daily interactions that he does in a uniquely interesting way which keeps Kenyans hooked to his socials for laughter due to his epic sense of humor.

From a humble beginning cascading down to even the moment he had struggles of not having his own Tiktok account, he won the Pulse Tiktok influencer of the year Award on October 15,2022.


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