Jackie Matubia and her ex Blessing Lungaho’s online family has expressed their disappointment’s towards the two actors for what thy term as being played.

The fans have launched complains following a weird pattern and lack of clarity of whether Jackie and Blessings are actually a part.

The concerns come fresh after a section of fans insinuated and probbed a picture shared by Blessings with many feeling that the finger nails and fingers belonged to Jackie who there after sarcastically denied the allegations

“Iwafikie Can you compare these nails to those ones please ,I don’t involve myself in content MBAYA! & Gai ata Mau ya 300 haiwezi nunuliwa to just do content wanachukua ya vase!
Nikomeni!!!” Jackie Matubia responded to the comparisons.

The online family now feels like they are actually playing them  and this what they had to say to the two award winning actors

”hamisa stacy Mi hata nimejam si mwache kutuzungusha wajameni 😂😒Mko pamoja ama mliachana nyinyi wazazi wa Zendaya🤷🏼‍♀

”michelleliandra Hizi mikono zinakaa nyeusi ,ule ulipost juzi alikua light skin. Wacha kutuconfuse sisi wambea Baba Zendaya
princess ngendo Have gone to confirm on jacky today status i find the shoes on door stop while he was the one recording the video of today outfit ya white. The nails are for miss we congratulate you couple, raising kid with both parents is sweet.
Hizo vidole zinakaa za Jackie matubia
pentajewel Ile mchezo mnatufanyiaga huku. Wewe maliza hii story ya Mr Right kiki iishe.
One time In her Instagram post, Jackie Matubia without providing alot of details revealed that she was single  a “proud single mother of two.”
The two have been posting cryptic messages online without coming clean on where they stand.

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