Pritty Vishy

Well endowed Social media influencer Pritty Vishy is definitely feeling the pinch of the loneliness  that come along with being single.

Pritty Vishy who has been between notable controversies of clout chasing and relationships posted an interesting message on her Insta stories lamenting where her lover is.


”Ju mlimua mtanipenda nikae  singo  ni sawa bas wacha ningoje labda wangu alizeeka” she wrote

The 21 year old influencer  made Kenyans believe for quite sometime that she was in  a relationship with Kenyan Musician Stevo Simple boy a relationship which received a lot of critics with many   calling them vienyeji.

Last year Vishy also had the internet wonder when she revealed that she was in a romantic relationship with another Kenyan musician Madini classic till their alleged break up.

“Still dating Madini?”

“Huyo ni who?? Weeeh niko single like no one’s business,”

Last month she also sparked dating rumours after tattooing a man’s name Vin on her finger and a few weeks later she was dumped.

You give someone your heart and he plays with it…adi unamchora tattoo lakini wapi…but anyway we move on regardless” Pritty Vishy wrote.

She is now crying out loud about  her relationship status faulting men for not approaching her, maque her dowry is nothing less than 2million Kenyan shillings.


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