KRG The Don has yet again given instructions to fans regarding their relationship with him.

KRG through his Insta stories seems not content with how he looks like on reposts by fans especially if they took a photo with the fans phone stating that they are usually bad looking.

”Mafans nataka tuelewane kidogo please”

”Hii mambo ya kutaka picha na Bughaaa na simu yako iko chini , ukipiga picha tunakaa kama vitunguu mimi sitaki kabisaa.”Said the artist.

He further teased that failure to acquire nice phones his fans will only see him from a far.

”Its either mununue simu zamaaana ama you just kula me kwa macho”he teased.

‘From today henceforth if you come to me for a selfie na hizo masimu machinku tena utaona tu Iwill just take it and drop it on the floor ama kwa maji direct, sitaki machoz kabsaa” added KRG.

Courtesy Instagram

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