KRG the Don is one of if not the most flamboyant musician in Kenya at the moment, but apart from his recent flexing habits he seems to have a knack for getting netizens talking.

In his latest interview with content creator King Bzy Szn, the interviewer asked him, “If you’re making 100k how much should your woman be making ?”

One would have expected him to give a straight answer but in his typical fashion version, KRG claimed that men earning 100k are jokers.

“100k for a man! You are Joking! 100k is not even enough for a month! ” he cited seeming shocked with how a man would make such a ‘minute’ figure in a month.

He further said that such men should not even think about engaging in relationships.

“Kama unatengeneza pesa kidogo kama hiyo hufai hata kudeal na mambo ya mapenzi, unafaa uwache kabisa yaani uogope wanawake yaani ujifiche! ” he added.

King Bzy Szn went ahead to ask him an ideal amount that a man should make in a month if 100k was small.  KRG however reiterated that 100k was only sufficient to buy tokens only. He further questioned what one would be able to do in the current economy with 100k.

“Hata unaeza kuwa na hisia za mapenzi na 100k? Haiwezekani bro, people should be making big money out here so that you can start thinking about your mwanamke,” KRG The Don said.

Just recently, the father of four went viral after he flaunted bundles of cash online while negotiating a Kshs100 million  brand ambassadorial deal with a local betting company.

His outrageous spending habits are also no secret to the public with the artist once claiming that he once spent 1 million Kenya shillings on a night of clubbing.

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