Controversial Dancehall artist KRG The Don is a displeased following a publication that highlighted Octopizzo as super hero.

KRG started a live chat on Instagram slamming a fellow Kenyan artist  Octopizzo who apparently claims to be the only Kenyan artist to surpass one million views within 36 hours.

Refuting the claims Bughaa discredited the ”Karatasi” hit maker noting that he hasn’t released a song for quite long.

Dragging in big names in East Africa like Diamond and Harmonioze ,he said that Octopizzo bought views for his new song ”Sijawai”

“Ananunua hiyo fake views, Octopizzo, Harmonize na Diamond wananunua views.”

Dating back in history the dancehall artist further claimed that Octopizzo is no longer a famous artist in kenya advising him to visit foreign countries where he is not recognized since it will give him an opportunity to boast how famous he is in Kenya.

KRG continued to say that the last time Octopizzo released a song was when he did a collabo with a white lady who then paid him.

He went ahead to say he couldn’t recall the last time he heard Octopizzo releasing a song, he continued to address the story by saying Octopizzo is no longer famous influential and popular in Kenya and that he should go to foreign countries where a lot of people do not who he is and tell them that he is famous.

“The only popular artists right now, being two are Dufla and KRG.”he said.

Despite him claiming that him and Dufla are famous as compared to Octopizzo their song Mambo Imechemka  has 691,000 views  2 months after the release while Sijawai by Pizzo De is currently aT 1,000,000 Views 2 days after its release.



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