Kenyans have been left in utter shock after a disturbing video of a 24-year old woman  repeatedly stabbing her 2-year old daughter inside her house in Kitengela surfaced online.

The incident occurred on Sunday and was recorded by neighbours who attempted to open the door that had allegedly been secured with two padlocks . Neighbours rushed at the scene after hearing distress screams, suspecting  a criminal attack only for them to find Olivia Naseren brutally attacking her child who has since been identified as Glory Njeri.

In the video, a naked Olivia is seen stabbing her daughter countless times as she sings while a frustrated neighbour, who recorded the blood-chilling incident, called upon her to stop.

Neighbours eventually broke in but it was too late since the minor was already dead. Olivia on the hand had collapsed. She had also destroyed electronics and furniture, leaving the house in a total mess.

Further reports indicate that she fed on some of the child’s body parts after killing her.

“Juvenile aged two years old was sliced by the mother into pieces, and she later fed on her intestines the suspect was found at the scene unconscious and escorted to the Kitengela Sub-county Hospital for treatment,” a police report revealed.

Olivia is however suspected to be having mental issues. She is a fourth year student pursuing Bachelor of Commerce. Her parents also lived in the same house but they were not at home at the time of the incident.

Responding to why she brutally killed her child, the suspect said that she hates herself and had suffered a lot with her baby. Other sources reveal that Olivia had parted ways with her baby daddy.

“Najichukia mwenyewe, sijipendi ndio maana niliuwa mtoto wangu,” she said as quoted by Nation.

The suspect will be arraigned in court after police conclude investigations into the matter.

The murder comes just days after a man stabbed his girlfriend to death in Kitengela Pizza Inn.


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