Kenyan content creator official Kinuthia has left a fan nursing  speech wounds after hilariously commenting on the creators video.

In the video shared on Instagram captioned ”Tunatingiza nini ‘ Kinuthia is seen rhythmically shaking his nyash vibing tu Madtraxx song ”Skamares” fans opted to became naughty due to the optical nourishment.

”Heri unge dance ngoma yote”

Ghaàaaiiiii 😮😮😮😮😮, acha nikatafute Nyota Yangu

Mimi ningekuwa manzi yako singewahi nunua nguo😂😂navaa zako tu” fans commented.

However one comment from ms _isangal caught the content creators attention prompting him to react.

I pray one day Kinuthia unites all Kenyans the fan posted to which the content creator reacted Shindwe pepo wewe ”


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Uniting Kenyans is a terminology that many netizens used when a controversial incident happens to a celebrity or a high profile individual.

Many celebrities including radio host Azziad Nasenya ,Betty Kyalo, Georgina Njenga and Millicent Omanga are among  victims of the alleged uniting Kenyans trend.

Following numerous cases of public shame and spite Suba North Mp Millie Odhiambo proposed harsh punishments to individuals who will be caught in the middle of circulating intimate photos without consent.

“The issue of morality is very personal. What is done in private should not be brought to the public. We are going to amend our laws and make stricter penalties.

“If I was a supporter of the death penalty I would have brought it. We should make it a life sentence then,” she proposed.






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