Singer Nadia Mukami is crying foul after spending a fortune on her eyebrows only for them to be poorly done.

The mother of one shared a video of herself as she lamented how her kshs40,000 went down the drain. She wondered why Nairobians are not honest about the quality of their work.

“Guys, kimeniramba proper. So today, apparently, someone said I can make you Kshs40,000 worth of eyebrows. I almost went to jail today. I almost shed a tear. Kwanini Nairobi mnafanya…kama hujui kufanya kitu. I can’t tag them coz I don’t want to put them through trolling. This is what they drew me for 40 thousand,” she complained.

Nadia adds to the list of celebrities who have paid expensively for makeup only for artists to do a shoddy jobs. One of those incidences is that of Akothee’s which happened in April this year.

Akothee’ make-up was off and it made her look like a clown. Due that she considered stopping using make-up permanently.

““Hiii make up hapana Eeee Make up can ruin your whole function And I actually told them I don’t feel it and everyone was like ,you look great 😭 Now 4000 gone just like this .I will soon drop make up. Hii imeniumaaaa sanaaaaa. Hata hiyo pesa haijaniuma, kenye imeniuma ni. I had to wake up at 5.30 am just for the same make up yet I only slep at 1.00 am,”

Akothee failed makeup incident



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