Kakamega County Senator Boni Khalwale  fiercely slammed bill which prevents  teachers from telling parents  when  their children get pregnant while in school.

According to Khalwale, the best place teachers can take such students is in the hands of their parents.

“The principal of a school shall not inform a parent or guardian  if their child is pregnant. Now, Mr speaker  if you stop the principal of a school from appealing to parents about the status of their child, where do you want the headmistress to  take the pregnant child? If not to the parents,” he said.

” If not the parents, the best person  to receive  that pregnant child is not the principal  of the school. It is the parents then the parents  will know how to deal with the problem that they have,” he further said..

The former medical doctor added that teachers are not trained nurses to host pregnant  students.

“Now, when this bill proposes Mr Speaker, that pregnant children should remain in school, are you telling me that our teachers are trained beyond  teachers,they are also trained to be nurses? To provide antenatal care Mr speaker? We must create laws that  are reasonable  with the laws on the ground,” he noted

Khalwale  also disagreed with the law where if a teacher impregnates a student, they should only  be reported  to the TSC.He said that the matter should be taken with more weight than it is at the moment.

“That teacher should be charged for the offence  of causing grievance bodily harm and therefore  if found  guilty should be sentenced  Mr speaker,” angry khalwale emphasised.

Netizens  also aired their rage concerning  the bills

” So wait! A legislature was presenting a bill that seeks to prevent teachers from informing parents when students are pregnant, as if not enough, a teacher who perpetrates such an heinous act to an innocent student, who only came for education is only reported to TSC. And what the commission does is only switch the perpetrator to a different school. That’s cringe for a lawmaker to present such a bill.Haha, water is wet, pope is catholic and we all know I am better than some MPs in parliament.😂,” a social media user commented.

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