Rapper Khaligraph jones says that fast-rising shrap musician Boutross should not have apologized over his leaked nudes.

In a live interaction with Andrew Kibe, Khaligraph said that there was no point of Boutross to apologize since he is nobody’s husband.

The rapper added that had he found himself in a similar situation in the past he would have released a song so that it rides in the waves.

“Nilicheki Boutross na niliona akitokea kuapologize which I think was very wrong very wrong. Unaapologizia nini Boutross wewe hujaoa watu hawakujui kama uko na bibi, we toa wimbo iende nayo, kwanini unapologizia watu. Mimi ingenipata ni kitambo ati huyo ni mimi, wimbo ingetoka ieende nayo(I saw Boutross and he came out to apologize which I think was very wrong. Why was he apologising yet he is not married, people don’t know if he has a wife, why apologize? Just release a song to ride in the wave. If I found myself in the situation in the past, I would have released a song),” the OG stated.

In an interview with Mungai Eve last month, Boutross said he didn’t know that the explicit photos existed. He also said that he was not aware of the person who took them.

“It was an unfortunate incident whereby a guy just took selfies while I was sleeping. I reflected on the matter and asked myself whether it was necessary for me to take legal action for compensation which will not help me career-wise and where I want to be. I am not ashamed of the story because there is nothing wrong I did, s3x is a natural thing,” Boutross said.

He added that he was sorry for the youngsters who look up to him because that’s not the image he wanted to show them.

“The point for me is my image out there, many youngsters who meet me want to get advice from me. The first thing I want to show them that is not the way to go. The only thing I am sorry about is when the youngsters see me like that out there, that’s not the image I wanted to show them,” he said.

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