Kenyans have massively reacted to a female fan who tattooed Otile Brown’s Face on her back as a gesture of love.

The lady then shared the art work with Nairobi Gossip club but things did not go well as fans could not hold back their wrath.

The Fan is undoubtedly a die hard fan of the ”chaguo la moyo” crooner as she also went ahead to tatooing Otile’s late grandmother on her hand.

Netizens posted a plethora of reactions in response which has stirred a debate online that the tatoo artist did a shoddy job.

Many were convinced that it was poorly done and some made funny comments about the workmanship of the artist.

“Not funny at all.” po.lasha_: “Uyu ni Otile Brown mgani??the audacity to tattoo twiceanarudia makosa mara mbili.” brasho._: “Huyo amechorwa anakaa msani wa vaida.” pussnyauu: “Tuachane na Late Grandma, Otile ni mgani apo?”

sterynofficial: “Tattoo artist aliogopa kuchargiwa copy right akacheza kama yeye.

Otile Brown has not made any official response to the gesture by the fan.

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