Rish Kamunge has attracted different reactions on one of her recent TikTok videos. The Kenyan woman, who lives and works abroad, proudly showed off her form three brother’s new ride, a Toyota Passo, that she got him as a birthday present.

“My small bro is in Form Three, I had to get him a car for his birthday yesterday, a proud mum. A proud firstborn. I left home to change home,” she captioned the video.

In the video, she walks around flexing the big achievement with her brother and mother who also looked pleased with the gesture.

Kamunge did not mind hiding the number plate, saying that she decided not to blur it so that whoever wants to confirm the ownership of the car can do so,  because she knows some would not be able to resist doubting her apparently pleasurable action.

A section of netizens however found it hard to understand why the young man would need a brand new car at his age.

“I know I will be bashed but gari ni ya nini for a form three?” One of the users commented.

“The pressure is getting worser for us first borns.” another user exclaimed.

The tiktokers still insisted that the video exerts a lot of pressure but the lady calmed them by stating that people give what they have and that grace is sufficient but her effort to calm such feelings down rendered to be counter productive.

“Mnatupatia pressure huku nje,sasa wameanza kuniuliza hata baiskeli ya black mamba sijawai leta.”

The woman was however also an inspiration to many who looked at the gesture positively. They congratulated her for being such a hard worker to afford the luxurious life she is desires for her and her family; as her form three brother appears to be so lucky to have such a generous and monied sister.

“Inatosha…we shall clap for others until it’s our turn.”

“You are a super girl.”

“He is lucky.”

“Ipo siku.”








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