International Kenyan Actress Kate The Actress who hosted Kitenge Fashion Fest and Awards Gala at Rupaz Mall in Eldoret alongside former radio presenter Oga Obinna has not been easy on her fans who thought otherwise concerning her outfits.

Kate who seems to have taken enough time to check her comment section has been firing back at her followers with some interesting answers.

On one of the pictures she posted on her Instagram ,Kate was dressed in a blue dress with gold and green details, her upper body was kinda exposed something that her fans were somehow displeased with the attire despite it being undeniably beautiful.

”Hii ya leo kidogo iko na shida, ungeziacha zibaki ndani😂

Umezifinya sana auntie wa harrier”



In another rather controversial attire Kate is seen dressed in a detailed dress with a touch of pink ,black ,orange dress with some yellow and her left thing is somehow exposed.

Despite the showcase and my dress my choice narrative many were not pleased and these is what some had to say.

Paja lazima tuone by force to which Kate responded with yes

‘Another follower commented The nyonyos are suffering and she responded zimekwambia hivyo?

What would you say about her dressing for the ocassion?

The festival was held in Eldoret town and it aims at showcasing the versatile, bold & vibrant feel of African print.

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