One of Kenya’s most celebrated female actors Kate Actress has shared her point of view towards former radio host now influencer and comedian Chebet Ronoh.

Comedian, Ronoh  took to her  socials yesterday lashing at Kate Actress and US based Kenyan comedian Elsa Majimbo for copying her content adding that the two have been camping on her socials taking notes.

Kate actress has however, responded to Ronoh’s allegation in which the comedian decries of Kate copying the Aunt Debs character which she claims she introduced 15 weeks ago and the actress introduced hers 9 weeks ago and these amounts to copying.

“Wacha kunizoea Aunty debs started this!!! Najua unaniogopa.” said Ronoh.”

Kate  actress  maturely responded appreciating Ronoh’s  content noting that  everyone one wishes to be rich like Aunt Debs.

“rono.h we love aunty debs, we want to be aunty debs, the rich aunty, you are such an incredible, consistent content creator . I celebrate you Rono. Keep shining 🙌🏾.”

Is this the end of there argument or more is yet to come??


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