Nominated senator Karen Nyamu has maintained that she is single after breaking up with her baby daddy Samwel Muchoki, popularly known as Samidoh.

Speaking during an interview at Vybes Radio on Wesdnesday, Nyamu however admitted that Samidoh is a very responsible father despite the drama that was witnessed in their long relationship.

According to her, Samidoh has never failed their children, although sometimes they are not in talking terms.

“I am very single but of course me and him have children and one thing about the father of my children, Samidoh, is he might not be many things but he is a responsible dad. He does what he is supposed to do about the children. Whether or not I am talking to him. Even if I ignore him for example and he knows that the child is supposed to go to school he will contribute. Those are things he does even if he fails me, he has never failed the children,” she said.

Nyamu and Samidoh have two children together, a boy and a girl.

Her comment on the singer comes just days after being involved in an ugly spat with him online. Drama began when a fan advised Samidoh against taking Nyamu as his second wife because of the children they sired. The artist agreed with the fan saying that he can’t take a rogue woman to his mother.

“I can’t accept to take a rogue woman to my mother just to please the crowd,” he said.

Nyamu wasted no time in hitting back at him saying that whatever he says does no longer matters.

““Hehehe ata yeye ajue kusoma the signs of the times. Gone are the days when it mattered what he says. The uhii I saw can not be unseen,” the senator stated.

The mother of three decided to end her relationship with the Mugithi singer after the Dubai drama, where she engaged in a fist fight with his wife Edday.

The incident saw her get scolded by Kenyans because of her leadership status. She however said that she has no regrets about the incident and would have not done things differently.

Nyamu promised Kenyans that she will not be involved in a similar situation in future.

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