Nominated senator Karen Nyamu spend quality time with Samidoh, as they celebrated their eldest child’s birthday.

The young boy turned a year older and his parents did the most to mark the special day.

“Yesterday we surprised Tami Tami in sch with lunch and birthday cake for everyone!” she captioned the photos.

In a separate post,  Nyamu wrote a sweet message to her son wishing him a happy birthday. She assured him that she will always cheer him the loudest and that he will never have to doubt who his biggest fan is.

On his part, the famous singer Samidoh celebrated the boy by also posting a beautiful message on his social media accounts that read :”Time flies and you grow into an amazing little person. Every smile, Every milestone is a treasure. Here’s to more laughs, love, and adventures. Happy birthday my son.”

Nyamu and Samidoh’s relationship has always been a subject of scrutiny. Despite the controversies, they are raising their children, Samuel Muchoki Jr and Taraya Wairimu, together.

In an interview on YouTube, the mother of three said that  firstborn, who is aged 9,  nine year old acknowledges the kikuyu singer and Dj Saint Kelvin as her two Dads.

She jested about telling her first born  daughter that she is lucky to have two fathers and added to joke that the 9 year old calls both of her Dads to ask for the things she needs.

The Nairobi senator revealed that because of the rampant appearance of their family issues on social media, she has had to explain everything to her eldest daughter since she is more prone to come across such online.

“My child has a phone, he has a tablet. Schools also have internet stories.  I usually have a conversation with my firstborn, she turned nine years old recently. I usually share conversations with her because there are things she will come across online,” she said.

Karen Nyamu seems to uphold a high degree of openness in her family as she said that she has even introduced the first wife and children of Samidoh to her first born daughter.


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