Popular Kamba musician Justina Syokau has finally conceded defeat in having a huge and enhanced backside or better known as nyash.

Justina took to her social media channels to reveal that she can no longer bear to have the huge behind because it was just causing her lots of trouble.

“Guys, nilitamani mzigo mkubwa lakini sahi naskia miguu inauma, I am overworked. Naskia uchovu( Guys, I wanted a huge butt but now my legs are aching. I am exhausted). Otherwise merry Christmas,” the 2020 hitmaker said.

Justina caused a stir online when she surfaced with a huge nyash on December 10, revealing that she had finally achieved her body goals.

“Finally, I have achieved my goal nyash. I love my new body,” she captioned her photo.

Curious fans have however noticed that Justina has been stashing materials in her butt to make it bigger. Others have assumed that she was chasing clout to promote her upcoming music.

“Toa hizo manguo umeeka huko nyuma,” a fan commented in one of her videos as another said, “Inakaa mzigo umefungwa vibaya kwa nduthi.”

In the past, Justina revealed that she had plans to have her butt enlarged just like Vera Sidika’s.

In October this year she said that she was saving Ksh3 million to undergo a butt enlargement surgery through liposuction. She added that she had tried several diets and working out to achieve the desired body shape but all was in vain.

“Nataka niongeze, ili nikae vizuri zaidi, nitoe mafuta kwa tumbo na thighs iwekwe mahali inafaa, napenda sana kuwa na shepu kama ya Vera Sidika,” she said in an interview.


  • Theresa oside


    Justina umedharau mungu aliyekuumba ,we we unatumia mamilioni kuongeza nyuma,na kuna MTU mahali analala njaa,ananyeshewa na mvua hana nyumba.we we una pesa ya kuongeza butt utaumwa sana

  • kanusumusa


    Acha ujinga. no kamba lady should beheave like you,,,learn good morals from lilian muli, Elizabeth mutuku etc….

  • @Bram


    God forbids๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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