Controversial gospel singer and self-proclaimed prophetess Justina Syokau has revealed why she is not rocking the brand new Landcruiser she was gifted last weekend on her birthday.

In a press briefing with YouTubers, the ”Twenti Twenti Thiliii” hitmaker said that her car is currently being serviced to ensure that she is safe once she starts driving it.

“The car is currently undergoing servicing. The first thing, when you have a new car, it has to undergo servicing before taking it to road because when you take it to the road directly you can ruin it. So it has to be checked thoroughly. The car is in good hands. I took it to my uncle’s garage. I took for servicing so that I don’t up getting in an accident,” Justina said.

Justina maintained that the vehicle is new adding that it is worth Kshs20 million. She further said that she owns the vehicle and is not for PR as many have claimed on social media.

Some had asked when she would be returning the car to its respective yard/owner since she has proven to be an awesome clout chaser.

“Is it your car so that I can return it? I have been gifted Will I return the gift.? Should I take it back abroad or what should I do? If there is any Kenyan who hates me just block me on social media. People are not happy about my achievements. That car is mine. Those waiting for it to go on parking will wait for long. God has blessed me. This is not a skit, the car is mine,” she told critics.

Justina also explained why she hid her the number plates of the vehicle saying that it was all for privacy because she is a big artist.

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