Like many who leave Kenya to work abroad, Joy Aoko left for Albania hoping to make a better life for herself and her family.  It was a dream that would turn into a nightmare after she found herself in a coma following a vicious attack.

Given that the 22-year-old was in a foreign land, she was returned to Kenya on January 25 to receive medical attention closer to her people, with her family hoping to save her life.

Details indicate that Joy was discovered on August 13, 2002, lying unconscious under the building where she lived in Tirana. According to her mother Ruth Aoka, her daughter was a victim of long-term stalking by an infatuated casino driver and she always complained that her life was at risk.

It is believed that the young woman fell off the building, a development that led to protests as members of the public demanded justice. Eyewitnesses indicated that Joy was attacked after returning home from work by the man who was dropping her home.

News of her demise has devastated those who knew her story, with many eulogizing her while sending condolences to her family.

“The world lost a special person. Even in death, Joy continues to unite us as we mourn her. Because of Joy, I met so many wonderful people filled with love for a stranger who became our sister, our daughter, our friend.” wrote Linda Jones one of Joy’s friends.



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