Jose Chameleone’s wife, Daniella Atim Mayanja has surprised many following her recent turn of action againstthe artist in favour of a Bodaboda rider.

Daniella’s is seeking to find justice for the Boda boda rider who was assaulted by Chameleon on 17th November 2022 and is currently at the verge of being left un compensated for following remarks from the artists management.

“On the morning of Thursday, November 17, 2022, an uncomfortable incident involving a boda boda rider and Jose Chameleone escalated as he was driving back to his home in Seguku where a reckless rider rammed into his Range Rover, leaving the left side of it scratched,” the statement reads in part.
According to Chameleone he went overboard with the bodaboda rider due to the insults he was hurling ,were he well mannered, the case would have been different.

In a video that took the internet wild ,the artist is seen beating up the bodaboda for allegedly knocking his Range Rover as he went home ,the rider is seen trying to fight back but he gets contained by Chameleone’s attendants.

However, his wife Daniella seems to be upset by the whole incident saying that the rider deserved justice.

 “Zero tolerance for violence,” and included an artwork that read, “Violence will not be tolerated.”

“Tragic how people watch abusers wreck a person’s life and will pray for the survivor’s healing but not hold the abuser accountable. There’s peace in knowing someone is responsible for hurting others. It’s not vengeance. It’s necessary, so they lose access to other people’s innocence,” she wrote.

However, her fans are asking her to support her husband, but maintaining the steam she downplayed the idea noting that all abusers should be held accountable regardless of their positions.

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