WCB Boss Diamond Platnumz broke into tears on stage before professing his love for his signee and lover Zuchu.

Diamond was performing on stage in the Wasafi Festival in Sumbawanga, Tanzania where he thanked his fans for their loyalty to his music 8 years on after the  release of his single Utanipenda in 2015.

This was when his emotions got the better of him when he knelt down on one knee singing he took the opportunity to insert Zuchu’s name in the chorus as the crowd cheered him on he went on further in tears if Zuchu would stay with him if everything went haywire for him.

Diamond craftily removed Zari’s name which was originally in the  song and inserted Zuchu’s instead as he pleadingly asked her the question.

“Bado nawaza sana, je itakapofika tama Zuchu utanipenda?… na magazeti yatanibwaga utasikia tafarani eti mpaka kwa Zuchu nimemwagwa na venye nilivyo mnyonge,” Diamond sang while breaking in tears while the crowd cheered him on.

The bongo singer broke up with Zari in 2018 which ended their five year relationship but they were blessed with a daughter and a son.

Since then the two have pursued other love interests with Diamond’s other love affairs being the most extensively covered by Buzz sites and the Media.

This spectacle by Diamond comes as a surprise to many who know to well of his philandering habits when it comes to women.

Not long ago Zuchu admitted that he has only slept with only one man which is Diamond and when he was prompted on the same he was reluctant to affirm that the two are in a romantic involvement.

Zuchu has also made bold declarations that if Diamond cheated he would still cling on to him. It still remain to be seen if Diamond will follow his bold declaration with a Marriage proposal.











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