Nakupenda hit maker Jay Melody has left everyone talking after revealing that he wrote two songs that were career breakthrough hits for Kenyan Musician Willy Paul.

During an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva on Mambo Mseto ,Jay Melody noted at that the beginning of his career he was earning a living through writing songs for big artists and willy paul’s ”Njiwa and Hallelujah were among them.

” I was working with THT so I didn’t meet with Willy Paul in person. I wrote ‘Njiwa’ and ‘Hallelujah’ from scratch and it was a complete song with melodies and everything. Willy Paul paid THT and I was paid.”

The Tanzanian artist who is the country for an event that is going down today in Kisumu further unleashed other big names he has written songs for.

” I have written big songs for artists such as Nandy, ‘Nitadata’ by Nadia Mukami, ‘Kivuruge’, ‘Hazipo’, ‘Do Me’, I have written so many songs, some of them have not been released.

Jay Melody noted that a good number of big artists don’t like admitting that they didn’t write the songs themselves, adding that songwriters don’t get the credits they deserve and they are also not paid well.

He however thanked the artists who give him a chance to craft hits for them ,which he says is the reason he is who he is now.

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