Businessman Jamal Rohosafi Marlow has exposed his ex-wife Amira just days after she accused him of assaulting her during their marriage and referring to him as the worst person she has ever met.

In an interview with Eve Mungai, Jamal detailed how their relationship, which began in high school, was and accused her of cheating and abandoning her young children for 6 years.

According to him, Amira got pregnant for him just two months after they had cleared their high school. He decided to take her in despite his family’s protests.

Jamal was supposed to join college and study aviation but he used the money to buy a matatu and started his business.

“After staying for five years, I think Amira had not enjoyed her youth days. She decided to walk away. There was a lot of long story in between because she had a lot of mistakes. Cheating here and there we decided to part ways. Amira left, she left me with the kids who were very young, I decided to raise them on my own,” he narrated.

After the ugly separation, Amira allegedly traded in Gikomba and later left for Dubai to work as a house help.

“She worked their for 6 years. When it remained two years for her to return, she landed a job at Jumeirah as a lifeguard. She then came to Kenya 3 years ago when Covid was just setting in,” the Matatu Owners Chairman said.

The two however met frequently while she was in Dubai and became friends once again. His brother, who was also based in the country, convinced him to take her back so that she can raise their children since she had developed a back problem and was always in hospital

“We talked and I decided to return her to Kenya. She was very grateful. She came with one suitcase. I showed her the house that I bought for her. I bought it with more than Kshs7.5 million and furnished it with over 8 million. I made sure she stayed well with the children,” he said.

Jamal further said that by the time Amira returning to his life, he had developed something for Amber Ray. The two were staying in the same estate.

He accused Amira of being the trouble maker although she was aware of his relationship with Amber Ray from the beginning.

“Hakuna siku Amber alileta crisis. That thing I can testify even to my grave. the entire issue was from my first wife,” he said.



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