Popular Lang’ata member of parliament and radio presenter Phelix Odiwour better know as Jalang’o has advised Tiktoker Nyako to change her ways if she wants to continue being his friend.

The Germany-based Kenyan Tiktoker Rose Atieno, popularly known as Nyako, is known for being unfiltered when addressing various issues from politics to narrowing down to individuals.

A few weeks ago Nyako spark aa serious conversation online after taking down Citizen Tv Journalist Lulu Hassan only to realize that she was mistaken.This is among the many reasons that prompted Jalang’o to have a serious conversation with her.

In a video that has gone viral of Jalang’o and Nyako the MP revealed that he had spoken to Nyako about her behaviour and advised her to “sanitise her mouth” and to “respect others.”

In the video Jalas also asks her to apologize once again to Lulu Hassan, Akothee and also advice young girls about Europe.

“You create amazing content but you must accept TikTok is filtrated with adults and as much as you are creating content you cannot be at war with everyone, You must respect my sister Akothee, you are not her and she is not you, you are like my sisters and I love you so much. You must start talking to girls so they stop assuming Europe is a bed of roses. The last thing is that you must apologize to Lulu Hassan. Lulu Hassan does not know you, She did not even know who you are. She is a nice Muslim lady married to my brother, ”

In rersponse to Jalang’os request Nyako meekly apologized to Lulu Hassan promising to work on changing her ways. She has also said that she is grateful for Jalango’s advice and that she is looking forward to continuing their friendship.

It remains to be seen whether Nyako will be able to change her ways, because Jalango’s advice is a good start. If she can learn to control her temper , be more respectful of others and be more positive If Nyako can make these changes, she will be well on her way to becoming a positive role model for her fans


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